How It Works

Let’s do This

Marketing your brewery and driving customers into your taproom is not random. Our proven formula has been tried and tested, and that formula WORKS. EVERY. TIME.

The best part?

We speak the same language as you. No Geek Speak around here! We will not talk over your head or leave you in the dark.


aka What the heck are we trying to do?

When you decided to open a brewery, you didn’t just go start stacking bricks on an empty lot. There was a lot of research and planning that came before the first fermenter hit the floor, and well before the first pint was poured.

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there?

The same goes for your digital presence as with your physical one. At Sweet Tea, we practice Goal Oriented Marketing. The first step in any marketing project is to sit down with you and determine your specific goals for your business.

Commonly referred to as the “Discovery Phase,” the Research part of your project will include an initial 2 hour meeting (in person or via video conference), up to 5 hours of research, and a presentation meeting where we will deliver a report detailing the results of our research.

We will research your direct competitors, your target customers, your budget and timeline. Our AI driven software will track your existing website visitors to determine exactly what they are interested in and where they experience friction and frustration.

Your custom Research report will include: detailed identification of your target audience, the results of our competitive analysis, a Call To Action analysis, and the usability research graphs and videos.

Then we move on to the Strategy Phase…


aka What’s the plan, man?

Next up we will formulate a detailed plan. With marketing there are often many possible roads leading toward your ideal outcome. For example, if one of your goals is to raise brand awareness, this could be pursued with a social media campaign, website design, content marketing, event promotion, paid advertisements.

A goal without a strategy is just wishful thinking.

We will take the results from the Research Phase and produce a comprehensive Marketing Strategy specifically created for your brewery.

What is the most effective way to reach your goals? Will this fit in with budget and timing constraints? If not, it’s time to get creative! Either way, it’s time to get busy!


aka Asset Creation and Traffic Explosion

Ready, Set, Go! It’s time to put all that Research and Strategy into action. We can do the heavy lifting, or we can train your staff to grab the baton and run with it. (Most often it will be a combination of the two.) Regardless, this is the fun part! Our plans will now come to life and we start to see the glorious results of our efforts.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” – Courtney C. Stevens


Grow with the Flow

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally measure the results.”
– Winston Churchill

The process described above is not a static straight line. As our strategies are implemented, we will actively analyze results and continue to pivot where necessary, researching new data and updating the strategy to make sure we are laser targeted on your goals.


We’ll start with the Research Phase, then move on to Strategy. At the completion of these two phases, you will have a comprehensive, actionable Brewery Marketing Plan. This plan can then be turned into laser focused, brand specific assets, which will drive tons of traffic to your website and into your taproom.

The cost for your custom Brewery Marketing Plan is $995.

First up, let’s schedule a quick chat to meet each other and discuss a few specifics.