7 Things

Your Brewery Website Needs

Your website is an incredibly powerful tool. Are you using it to the full? It can reduce phone calls or private messages asking the same questions over and over, and more importantly, your website can actually drive visitors to your taproom.


This one is a no-brainer. Your customers want to know which of your tasty brews await them. Your taplist may even be the deciding factor if they are considering multiple craft breweries. Don’t forget to also tease what’s coming up to build anticipation and encourage return visits.

Bonus Points: Include details for the true beer enthusiast like ABV, IBU, and even food pairing options.

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Sit back and let Stephanie tell you all about making your brewery website work for you…

This talk was filmed at the North Carolina Craft Brewers Association‘s Brewsmart event, held in the gorgeous barrel room at Triple C Brewing in Charlotte, NC.


Now that you’ve convinced them to swing by your taproom, make sure it’s easy to get there! Have your address clearly visible on your site, maybe even right in the footer so it can be seen on every page. Include a map, along with links to driving directions via your favorite map website (Google Maps is our recommendation and an industry standard).

Don’t forget to add any useful info like tricky parking situations or pet guidelines.

Bonus Points: Make sure your Google My Business account is optimized for local search.


Are your taproom hours on your website? Probably. But are they CORRECT? Things change, make sure your site keeps up. While you’re at it, pop over to your social profiles and update the hours there, too. (You do have hours on your social accounts, right??)

You may also want to shoot out a social media post, email, or text notifying your customers in advance of non-standard hours due to holidays, weather, or closures for private events.

Bonus Points:  Consider a dynamic display of your hours to automagically displays the hours for the current day. It only takes a few lines of code to accomplish this (we can help) and it can have a big impact.


We’ve all been there: You spy that Imperial IPA with an 8.4 ABV that you know you’re gonna need at least two of. What’s the next logical question? “Do you guys have food?” You know it’s coming, so head it off at the pass and make the answer available before they even ask it. Food trucks, in-house kitchen, local delivery, brown-bagging — it doesn’t really matter what the options are, just let them know.

Bonus Points: As mentioned in point #1, make a beer recommendation for any and all food options. Skillful pairing can take flavors to the next level, and you may be surprised to see regulars trying something other than “the usual” with their hawaiian flatbread.


I know it’s hard to comprehend, but not everyone is a lover of craft beer (gasp!). Don’t lose out on the business of a group of beer drinkers just because they have that one friend who prefers grapes to barley.

Do you keep wine bottles in stock behind the bar? And don’t forget…Claw is LAW!

Bonus Points:  What about soda, kombucha, or other non-alcoholic options for those saintly designated drivers that we are all blessed to know? Don’t leave them stuck sipping boring ol’ water all evening. And for extra credit, partner up with a ride share service like Lyft for discounts if someone doesn’t have a DD and isn’t fit to drive.

6 Out & About

Where can I buy your beer?? The real fans can’t be satisfied only during taproom hours. Can they pick up a crowler or get a growler filled? If you have crossed the distribution bridge, let them know what stores offer your gorgeous cans. Are there restaurants or bottle shops slingin’ your brews around town? Make it easy for them to find (and therefore BUY) your beer.

Bonus Points: Allow pre-order of new releases or mobile purchase for pick-up. There are some sweet 3rd party services that can help with the logistics.


More baffling than the Adult Coloring Party phenomenon, is the explosive popularity of beer-related exercise events. (Personally, I only run if being chased, but to each his own!)

Whether guests come by the taproom to work up a sweat, paint a masterpiece, show off their trivia skillz, or be serenaded by the next American Idol, guess what else they will surely be doing? DRINKING BEER. So make sure your current and potential customers know what’s going on, when, and any costs involved. Best bets are a mix of regularly scheduled programming combined with one-off special events (think bottle release party, anniversary celebration, etc.). Schedule your events on Facebook to capitalize on the beneficial social aspects, but link the FB event list to your site. No need to duplicate postings, this can be automated.

Bonus Points:  Don’t skimp on prizes. Sure everyone loves your stickers, but how many people would show up to trivia night or a cornhole tournament if a pair of AirPods, an Alexa device, or a $50 beer tab were up for grabs? A couple hundred bucks in prizes could be easily recouped with a packed house each week.

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