4 Reasons You Should Use Facebook to Promote Your Brewery’s Events
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1.   Facebook’s Algorithm = More Eyes On Your Event (for Free!)

Facebook will automatically post all of your events to your Facebook Page, and you have the option to send out invitations to a specific list of fans and friends. But what’s even better about Facebook is that it allows anyone interested in your event to invite their friends, as well! And when someone clicks on the “Going” or “Interested” button, your event will be displayed in the newsfeeds of their friends. And as your event gets closer, Facebook automatically sends out reminders to everyone who RSVP’d so they don’t forget. Based on someone’s past locations and events they’ve tagged themselves at, which apps they use through Facebook, and pages they’ve liked, Facebook also suggests events to certain people. Event suggestions help make sure that: 1) People who don’t like beer aren’t annoyed by seeing your event in their newsfeed. 2) People who love visiting breweries DO see your event.

If you have any loyal customers, make sure to reach out to them and ask them to invite their friends (and maybe give them a free beer in return).

Facebook also shows people when their friends are going to your event. So on the day of your event, everyone who RSVP’d through Facebook will have a notification going out to their friends that they’re going. People are more likely to go somewhere when they see their friends are going too, so it’s good social proof. Don’t forget to also tag your event location. When someone looks for something fun to do in your area, your event will show up for them.

2.   Use FOMO To Your Advantage

On your event page, make sure your settings allow people to post on your page. This way, anyone coming to your event can post questions or comments. By quickly responding, you’ll build a good reputation as a brewery who’s friendly and personal. Plus people feel more connected to both you and each other when they see some interaction going on. On the day of your event, get people excited by posting about all the fun going on (remember to tag your location!). If they’re not already coming, this helps amp up the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). People hate to miss out on fun (especially when they have friends partying it up without them). 😉 

3.   Easily Identify the Hottest Prospects

You don’t want to randomly invite anyone you can think of. You want to invite the people most likely to hang out at your event and bring others with them. If your brewery has a Facebook page, invite everyone who’s liked your page before and take a look at the stats. If you notice most people who like your page tend to be a certain age, gender, and have a certain type of job, you can target those types of people from your personal Facebook friends as well.

Speaking of personal Facebook friends, go ahead and invite all of your local friends to come to your event. They’ll be happy for an excuse to party, you’ll get a bigger turnout, and they’re more likely to spread the word because they know you personally. Take a look at your current customers too. If you and your employees know certain people by name but they haven’t liked your page, make sure to send them a direct invite. They’ll appreciate the thought and it makes them feel special.

4.   Use Attendance Stats for Stronger Marketing Next Time

Once your event is over, go through all the RSVPs, plus the people who tapped “Decline” or “Maybe.” You may start to notice a pattern in who came and who didn’t. Pay attention to age, gender, what kinds of jobs they hold, what kinds of things they post on their personal FB, other events they’re going to, pages they like, etc. This is free “market research” you can easily do to narrow down who are your best customers and who likely won’t respond to future invites. Once you’ve looked over all the metrics, take it a step further and send out a short message to each person who didn’t come with something like:


“Hey [Name]!
We missed you on [date] at our [event name], and would love to see you at the next event. It will be a great time! Was there something different we could have done last [day]? What types of events would you like to see us host?
Thank you for your feedback!
[your name] at [name of your brewery]”

If you want, you can even tell them you’ll give them a free beer in return for answering your question. 🍺 Do NOT say, “Why didn’t you come to our event?” That can sound confrontational or rude and make people feel defensive.

Answers to the questions above are invaluable for future marketing. The next time you’re ready to throw a beer release party, or host an open mic or trivia night, you can specifically call out those reasons and address them on your FB page, and get out ahead of any possible objections. For example, if some people didn’t come because they thought it’d be too expensive, highlight any discounts or freebies they’ll get while they’re there (even if the entry is already free). If some people didn’t come because they had something else going on, you can highlight what makes your event stand out from others, or use the feedback as a whole to identify which nights might bring in a bigger crowd.

Wrapping it Up

Let’s quickly summarize why and how Facebook is better than other social media platforms to promote your event (and even better than only using your website).

1. Facebook’s algorithm is set up to show people who love breweries about your event, even if they don’t yet know about you. It suggests your event to the right people, shows up in the newsfeed of those who RSVP’d (and their friends!), and sends automatic reminders.

2. Using an event page, it helps build a stronger bond between you and your customers. Plus, it helps create your own “event community” by letting people get hyped up about your event together.

3. You can easily get analytics that help determine who’s most likely to come to your event, so you can invite them directly.

4. Discover who your best customer type is so you can leverage that for stronger ongoing marketing.

Comment below with the best event you’ve ever held at your brewery and tell us what made it a success!


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